Psychic readings by David StevensDavid is an amazingly intuitive and powerful energy healer.  He will help you will find and be certain of your answers during his private psychic session with you. David’s consulting style is compassionate and accurate, finding out what the true drivers are of your life situations. Through his intuitive ability, he has insight into the 95% of our mind that is unconscious to most of us.  It is in this unconscious area that many of our problems and conflicts originate. He not only sees what is going on in this area but also through his energy healings helps you clear what is in your way and bring in the energy you need to accomplish your purpose. Clearing and reclaiming our power has a dramatic effect on our success. Most sessions include both intuitive reading and energy healing and coaching as needed.

Another aspect of David’s intuitive readings is his ability to help you clarify and be in greater alignment with what you want. When our life isn’t flowing in the path of increasing happiness, it is because the greater part of us is out of alignment with what we consciously desire. When we are out of alignment, our full potential is not available to us. It’s like a car spinning its wheels in the snow. Our forward progress has no traction. Alignment happens when we become aware that what we thought we wanted is not deeply moving to us. In this case, David can help find the more moving and fulfilling goal that was hiding. Another case is where we are thrilled by our desire but have a conflicting belief that prevents progress. The Energy Healing can clear this conflict.

You can schedule private intuitive/energy healing session with David by phone or in person at the Yoga of the Mind office by contacting him at 303-668-2358 or  Typical sessions are 60  min.  You can also schedule 30 or 15-minute sessions with him by phone.





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