Introduction Classes

Perfect for beginners!

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Energy Healing Meditation Workshop

Transform Your Life With David Stevens Energy Healing Meditation Workshop

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Connect with your Intuition

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom: Connect with Your Intuition during this workshop led by David Stevens.

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Learn to Manifest Your Dreams

This workshop aims to help you feel good about yourself and your ability to direct your next steps based on what you find fulfilling.

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Taste of Tarot

Unlock Your Intuitive Powers with Tarot Card Reading. You can choose from a 3-hour workshop or a 4-week In-Depth Course.

Advanced Classes

For students who have taken at least one of our introduction classes.

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In-Depth Tarot Card Reading Course

Discover the power of self-discovery with this four-week in-depth course led by spiritual guide Rochelle Fisher.

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Intuitive and Energy Healing Masterclass

Unlock your Intuitive Power for Intuitive Readings and Energy Cleansing.