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During this comprehensive journey with Master Healer and Intuitive David Stevens, you can expect to learn how to create a strong bond between your mind and body while also learning proven techniques for calming racing thoughts.

Discover the power of separating yourself from draining or unhelpful energy sources around you and meeting up with your own healing guide! You will have the opportunity to delve into past life readings plus acquire an understanding of making decisions that come quickly without second guessing.

Plus, discover tools such as our unique meditation technique for people who struggle meditating & ways of releasing what sabotages us – all included in this enlightening course!

You will greatly improve your intuition

Improve mind/body connection and easily Separate energy from negative, chaotic, or unproductive energy of others.

Slow racing thoughts by using a unique meditation technique for those who struggle with meditation.

Meet and work with personal healing guides.

Give and receive Chakra/Energy Clearings.

Learn to do past-life psychic readings.

What to Expect

If Joining By Zoom

  • Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted
  • Use headphones to better hear the meditations and share your experience
  • Download the Zoom app ahead of time to access the course on your phone or tablet
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes if you wish

If Joining In-Person

  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes if you wish
  • Each student will be seated at a shared table
  • Drinking water fountain available
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • 15 minute break after the first class hour

Join Us Virtually or In-Person

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Join Us in Our Studio in Denver, CO

Yoga of the Mind Studio

8 E. First Ave, Suite 103
( 1st & Broadway above The Hornet Restaurant )

Street parking is limited. Please arrive with enough time to accommodate.

Energy Healing Meditation, Connect with your Intuition

David Stevens

Yoga of the Mind Founder

Yoga of the Mind enhances personal awareness and growth by stretching, strengthening, and balancing our inner abilities. The first step is to learn how to meditate. With over 35 years of experience, David has developed an easy-to-learn active meditation that involves simple visualization and breathing. It forms a grounded base for discovering healing energy and how to use it daily.

David holds a BA and an MBA from Maharishi International University and has taught meditation since 1977. He has explored multiple meditation methods, yoga, and personal development, making him a well-rounded meditation teacher.