Intuitive & Energy Healing Masterclass

During this in-depth course, you will be guided by Master Healer and Intuitive David Stevens.

  • Creating a better mind/body connection
  • Becoming neutral and stop overreacting to other people
  • Slowing down racing thoughts
  • Our unique meditation technique for people who struggle with meditation
  • How to separate your energy from the negative, chaotic or unproductive energy of others
  • Releasing what sabotages you
  • Meeting and work with your personal healing guide
  • Giving and receiving Chakra/Energy Clearings
  • Learning to do past life psychic readings
  • Understanding how to make decisions with ease and certainty

Intuitive David Stevens

David Stevens has a lifelong interest in helping people transform themselves through greater awareness. He has been a teacher of meditation since 1977 and has done over 2400 psychic and intuitive readings and energy healings in the past decade. In 2004, he founded Yoga of the Mind to teach people how to stretch, strengthen, and balance all their innate abilities. His clients and students are from all walks of life across the US and around the world. They often report deeper peace, enhanced achievement, and greater enjoyment of life as a result of working with him.

Cost $333

Contact Phone: 303-668-2358

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