Intuition is an Inner Technology

Nearly everyone who comes to Yoga of the Mind, knows they have these intuitions.  Most people lack the ability to discern and trust them. They also usually wait for the intuition to come to them, not realizing that with our Inner Technology, they could summon their intuition at will.

Intuition and Energy Healing – Awaken your intuitive voice, tap into this vast perfect knowledge for yourself.

This fantastic opportunity includes nine sessions of in-depth instruction and guidance with Master Healer and Intuitive David Stevens

David has created this nine-week learning track so you can reap the benefits of group meditation to explore and develop your healing and intuitive abilities with a group of like-minded individuals. Your healing & intuition will take a quantum leap forward. You will be able to notice your intuitive voice when you need it. You will learn how to hear, see, and know when your intuitive voice is communicating with you and how to
trust it and act on it.

  • Ground into your mind/body connection.
  • Become neutral, stop over reacting to other people.
  • Slow down your racing thoughts.
  • Practice the active Yoga of the Mind meditation.
  • Establish your positive energy aura.
  • Clearly, discern between your energy and others’.
  • Release what sabotages you.
  • Meet and work with your healing guide.
  • Learn to give and receive chakra/energy clearings
  • Enjoy free-flowing inspiration and creativity.
  • Learn to do past life psychic readings.
  • Make decisions with ease and certainty.

You will get lots of practice using your intuitive abilities on yourself and others. You will be emerging into a community of like-minded people. You will find new friends that you can connect with on a deeper level. At the end of this nine-week series, you will have learned the tools, concepts and had enough practice to be 100% more connected with your inner voice. You can trust it. You will be using these new skills in your everyday life.

Your total investment for this inspirational learning experience is only $279 (We can accept, cash, check or credit cards as payment)(Payment arrangements can be made as well directly with David.)
Register HereMon. Oct. 23 | 7-9 pm

The next session of this nine week Intuitive and Healing classes will begin Monday  Oct. 23.  Monday dates are as follows: 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18

Intuitive David StevensDavid Stevens has a lifelong interest in helping people transform themselves through greater awareness. He has been a teacher of meditation since 1977 and has done over 2400 psychic and intuitive readings and energy healings in the past decade. In 2004, he founded Yoga of the Mind to teach people how to stretch, strengthen and balance all their innate abilities. His clients and students are from all walks of life across the US and around the world. They often report deeper peace, enhanced achievement and greater enjoyment of life as a result of working with him.

Register HereMon. Oct. 23 | 7-9 pm

All Classes at the Yoga of the Mind Classroom:
8 East 1st Avenue,  Suite 103 Denver,  CO 80203

Questions or more information, please contact David at:
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