Our world is filled with so many choices, making this the best time than ever before to develop and trust your intuition. Your natural, intuitive ability is your greatest asset in navigating our environment, which is saturated with information and choices.

  • Insights and tips on how to strengthen your connection with your intuitive voice.
  • Learn the Yoga of the Mind clearing meditation that supports clear communication with your Intuition.
  • Use an intuitive tool that will allow you to access your intuition on demand and perfectly.


Tarot Card Readings

Rochelle Fisher

I am Rochelle Fisher the Co-Founder of Yoga of the Mind.  I have been developing and sharing techniques that support your connection with your intuition for 14 years. When you are hearing your intuition loud and clear you can make choices in all areas of your life that maximize your sense of purpose and joy in your  life.

I offer this workshop several times per month at The Yoga of the Mind Studio if you prefer an in person experience.   Registration is $20.

RegisterSun. Nov. 12, 1:15-3 pmRegistrationTue. Nov. 14, 7:15-9 pm
RegistrationSun. Dec. 10 |1:15-3 pmRegistrationSun. Dec. 12, | 1:15-3 pm

Questions or comments: rochellef@yogaofthemind.com or Call 303-668-23587 (click to call)