Gain clarity, get unstuck.

Through a compassionate and accurate private psychic session with David, you receive direction and guidance on essential aspects of your life, such as Career, Relationships, Business Decisions, and Finances. With his intuitive ability, David can tap into the unconscious mind that influences many of our problems and conflicts. Through energy healing, he can help you clear what is in your way and bring in the energy you need to accomplish your purpose.

David can also help you clarify and align with what you truly desire. Our potential becomes limited when we are out of alignment, just like a car spinning its wheels in the snow. Through intuitive readings and energy healing, David can help you discover a more fulfilling and moving goal that was previously hiding or remove conflicting beliefs that hinder your progress.

Schedule a private intuitive/energy healing session with David to reclaim your power and experience monumental changes in your life. You can schedule a session in person or over the phone by contacting him at 303-668-2358 or Don’t let life hold you back any longer.

Clarify and align with what you truly desire.

Energy Healing Meditation

Join David Virtually or In-Person

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After registering for this class you will receive a Zoom link via email 24 hours before the workshop starts.

Join David at his Studio in Denver, CO

Yoga of the Mind Studio

8 E. First Ave, Suite 103
( 1st & Broadway above The Hornet Restaurant )

Street parking is limited. Please arrive with enough time to accommodate.

Energy Healing Meditation, Connect with your Intuition

David Stevens

Yoga of the Mind Founder

Yoga of the Mind enhances personal awareness and growth by stretching, strengthening, and balancing our inner abilities. The first step is to learn how to meditate. With over 35 years of experience, David has developed an easy-to-learn active meditation that involves simple visualization and breathing. It forms a grounded base for discovering healing energy and how to use it daily.

David holds a BA and an MBA from Maharishi International University and has taught meditation since 1977. He has explored multiple meditation methods, yoga, and personal development, making him a well-rounded meditation teacher.