Trust and Follow Your  Intuition More Starting Today!

Yoga of the Mind is a Denver-based school that specializes in helping you to listen and trust your intuition. We have a proven curriculum that teaches you how to listen and follow your intuition. You will easily incorporate our guided meditations, grounding techniques and live practice sessions in your daily life.

Our intuitive abilities are based in science and implemented by many well-known people to enhance idea generation — Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Since successful people are applying this powerful skill, why not spend some time and effort developing it for yourself?

Instead of waiting around for your intuition to show up — take a proactive approach and develop it today. It takes some time: but with ongoing study and practice, you will have ready access to your intuitive abilities in any given situation.

Yoga of the Mind is a community of like-minded individuals who understand intuition is real and trust it for guidance in everyday life, enhancing joy and creating a sense of being centered.

Classrooms located at 8 E. First Ave | Denver, CO 80204
Enter on the north side of the building between The Hornet Restaurant and Senior Burritos, or the nearest cross street is 1st & Broadway.

Explore and develop your intuitive skills with us today. Check out our “Classes & Events” on our website menu above. You can also see dates on the calendar at your right here on this page. On your mobile device scroll down.

Contact Phone: 303-668-2358
8 E. First Ave., Denver, CO 80204