What is Yoga of the Mind?

We are a holistic educational center based in Denver, CO, but accessible worldwide through virtual classes. Our mission is to introduce the world of transformative energy healing with easy-to-understand methods and real-world applications. All you need to participate in our classes is a device with video capabilities (phone, computer, tablet) or in person at our studio in Denver, CO!

No yoga mat or previous experience is necessary!

FREE Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Meditation

Calm Down and Open to Your Inner Harmony. Join us for a FREE Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Meditation with David Stevens. Every Tuesday at 6 pm via Zoom.






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Learn to Read Tarot Cards

Unlock Your Intuitive Powers with Tarot Card Reading. You can choose from a 3-hour workshop or a 4-week In-Depth Course.

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Energy Healing Meditation Workshop

Transform Your Life With David Stevens Energy Healing Meditation Workshop. Clear old emotions and other people’s energy and make your inner light shine.

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Connect with your Intuition

Gain deeper trust in your Intuition. Learn to access it even when it is not coming naturally.

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Learn to Manifest Your Dreams

Gain clarity on your desires and immerse yourself in the flow that turns them into a living reality.


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Intuition and Energy Healing Masterclass

Access the full potential of your inner abilities to lead your most fulfilling life. Be empowered to heal yourself and your world!

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Ready to take your meditation practice to the next level?

We welcome any student who has completed any of the introduction classes above to explore our advanced class options.

Advanced Classes

How Does Energy Healing Work?
I’ve Never Meditated Before…

Connect with your Intuition

You don’t need any prior experience to tap into the immense potential of your mind. Believe it or not, you possess an incredible power within!

Charka Balancing and Cleansing Meditation

Have you ever considered training your brain like you train your muscles? Meditation is an effective technique that can help you unlock your full potential.

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No need to worry, experiencing its magic doesn’t require hours of cross-legged sitting.

Charka Balancing and Cleansing Meditation

We can provide you with practical methods to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, allowing you to experience its incredible advantages. You’ll discover that you feel more serene, focused, and grounded than ever before.

Property Clearings

Do you feel like the energy in your home is off? Our property clearing services have been trusted by Denver residents for more than 15 years. We can assist you in restoring a sense of safety and security in your living space. Moreover, our services can also aid in property sales.  In-person and remote clearings are available.

Property Clearings

Private Reading Sessions

If you’re facing a tough decision or going through a major life change, we’re here to offer private reading sessions that can provide guidance and support for your overall well-being. Let us lend you a helping hand when you need it most.

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