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Yoga of the Mind is a Denver based school that specializes in helping you to listen and trust your intuition. We have a proven curriculum that teaches you how to listen and follow your intuition. You will learn to incorporate our guided meditations, grounding techniques and live practice sessions into your daily life.

Our intuitive abilities are based in science and implemented by many well known people to enhance idea generation — Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Since successful people are implementing this powerful skill, why not spend some time and effort developing it for your self?

Instead of waiting around for your intuition to show up — take a proactive approach and develop it today. It takes some time; but with ongoing study and practice you will have ready and able intuitive abilities in any given situation.

Yoga of the Mind is a community of like-minded individuals that understand intuition is real and trust it to guide you in everyday life enhancing joy and being centered.

Beautiful classrooms located at 8 E. First Ave | Denver, CO 80204
The entrance is located on the North side of the building between The Hornet Restaurant and Senior Burritos or 1st & Broadway.

Come explore and develop your intuitive skills with us today. Check out our classes and events in the below slider or under “Classes & Events” on our web site menu above. You can also see them by date on the calendar to the right.

  • Learn to Read the Tarot Cards
    Learn to Read the Tarot Cards
    Easy with no memorizing of the card meanings. Never forget the meaning of a card. Quick way to learn Tarot Card Reading.
  • Be a socializing and networking success!
    Be a socializing and networking success!
    Stop feeling awkward during social activities. Make new friends. Improve your career opportunities.
  • Get Your Dream Business Moving Now!
    Get Your Dream Business Moving Now!
    Get clarity about your business goal for you personally. Give and receive 100’s of new inspiring ideas to get unstuck or started. Next steps to keep your business dream rolling.
  • Power Meditation MP3 download
    Power Meditation MP3 download
    If you are unable to attend a class at this time but would like to get started with our fundamental meditation for just $3.99 click here.
  • Be Grounded and Centered  Class
    Be Grounded and Centered Class
    Our grounding techniques can free you from other peoples emotional baggage. Become free and present to experience your own love, happiness, fulfillment, and miracles. Click here and learn more.
  • Free Chakra Balancing & Energy Clearing
    Free Chakra Balancing & Energy Clearing
    Clear and rejuvenate yourself with a Free 15 minute Aura/Chakra energy healing. Remove stagnate and useless energy from your Aura and Chakras. You will feel relaxed, lighter and more positive. Click here and learn more
  • Learn to Trust Your Intuition   Class
    Learn to Trust Your Intuition Class
    Your intuitive ability is trying to help you every day — are you listening? Most people want to expand the use of their intuition but lack the tools. Click here to learn more.

 Contact Phone: 303-668-2358
8 E. First Ave., Denver, CO 80204