12 Feng Shui Tips to Help Your Dog to Be Happy and Calm


Dogs, like people, are deeply impacted by the energy of a home. You can improve the energy of your home with these Feng Shui tips made especially for dogs.

#1 Put Your Dogs Bed in a Place Where She Can Both See the Door in the Room and Have Her Back Against a Wall 

Where dogs sleep is very important to how well they rest and their general anxiety level. Like with humans, you can never have good Feng Shui in an environment that does not feel safe. For dogs to feel safe while they sleep they must have a) their back against a wall – a corner is ideal and 2) the ability to freely see the door of the room from where they are sleeping.

#2 Don’t Have Anything Hanging Above Where Your Dog Usually Sleeps 

Just as humans feel a bit unnerved when there is something heavy hanging over them while they sleep, dogs likely feel the same way. Make sure there is not heavy art, bookshelves, or storage above your dog’s bed or in the areas where she typically sleeps.

#3 Include Photos of Your Dog in the Family Area(s) of Your Home 

Dogs are part of the family. (On some days the best part, right?) For this reason, dog photos should be included in one or more of the Family area(s) throughout your home. To locate the Feng Shui Family area of a room, go to the room and stand in the doorway facing into it. Look at the left third of the room. Mentally divide this left third into three equal-sized areas. The middle area is the Family area. Place photos of your dog – ideally with some or all of the family members here.

#4 Add Photos or Reminders of Your Dog in the Reputation Area(s) of Your Home 

Good news! A great Feng Shui tip involves your dog helping to improve or support your reputation. Like there is a Family area in all rooms in your home, there is also a Reputation area. This is the area of a room that helps you maintain or improve your reputation. As animals are very active, they can put lots of positive energy around your reputation. To get an extra boost to improve how people see you, what you are known for, and how you are respected, put photos or reminders of your dog here. NOTE: This is not a good place to put a pet’s ashes as ashes are very yin or low energy.

#5 Name Your Puppy Something that Reflects Her Ideal Behavior

What is in a name? A lot! Imagine the behavior of a dog by the name of Kujo or Killer or Tyson (after Mike Tyson) versus the energy of a dog with the name of Lou or Stella. Give your pup a name and nicknames that reflect the behavior you want out of them.

#6 Toss Dog Clutter (Yes, They Have it Too)

To be clear, clutter is bad for both the two-leggers and the four-leggers. Torn toys, worn-out dog beds, or excessive and/or old accessories are not good for anyone or anything. Clutter causes living beings to feel stuck, stressed, and depressed. To help your dog not feel the impacts of clutter go to the area where she spends the most time. Look at all objects in this area and ask yourself if you love them dearly or use them yearly. If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no, donate it, toss it or recycle it. Then clean up all dirt, dust, and messes!

#7 If Your Dog Barks at a Certain Place in the Yard, Put Up a Wind Chime in This Area

To help deflect energy that is causing your dog significant anxiety or making them bark excessively, put a wind chime in the area of this behavior. Ideally, it would be placed between where they exhibit the bad behavior and the source of the bad behavior (e.g. the sidewalk where neighborhood dogs pass by or near the fence of a neighbor that is always upsetting them).

#8 Avoid Putting Their Beds in Places that Feel Stagnant

As any dog lover knows, dogs have a keen sense of energy. You want your dog to spend her time in parts of the home that feel vibrant, soothing, and alive. Corners of your home that are ignored, have excessive clutter, dirt, dust or messes or are generally dark and uninviting are NOT good places for your dog. Work to either brighten these areas up or move the dog bed elsewhere.

#9 Avoid Putting Their Bed Under a Window

Just as dogs (and people) feel most safe when they sleep against a solid wall, they also feel better when they are not sleeping under a window. If there is no option but to put your dog’s bed under a window, place a red piece of tape (feel free to color a piece of masking tapered with a market) either under the window sill or on top of the window frame to block out negative energy from entering in this area.

#10 Surround Pet Ashes with Live Plants and “Up” Feeling Objects and Energy

The loss of a pet is a tragedy that is felt, often, for years. Holding onto ashes is a way dog lovers help hold onto the memory of their beloved friend. To ensure you are properly celebrating your dog’s life and not incorporating excessive “dead” energy in your home, it is important to surround the dog’s ashes with live, upward growing plants (no droopy ones), vibrant imagery, objects and reminders, and other “up” objects such as images of hot air balloons, the sun, arrows going upward, etc.

#11 No Pictures of Your Up in Your Bedroom

Your Bedroom in Feng Shui is symbolic of restful sleep and your romantic life. And your romantic life should ONLY include photos of you and your partner (or potential partner). Having photos of anyone or anything that is not you and your partner in your bedroom can create the energy of outside and unwanted influence in your relationship. 

#12 Pick Up the Poop

The energy of the dog’s being surrounded by poop is exactly the same as the energy of people being surrounded by poop – not good. Treat your pup’s play area just as you would treat your own and clean it up regularly.

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