Why is my life so hard?


Why do others have it so easy?  Why is my life so hard?

Rochelle and I enjoy listening to the Freakonomics podcast and highly recommend it to you.  We love the short but very in-depth stories on a broad range of topics that enlighten and delight.

We are sharing this podcast titled  “Why is my life so hard?”  Because when you are in a negative frame of mind, you are making your situation worse.  Why? Because you are in a constricted energy state that gives you tunnel vision and few options to find inspiration for your next intuitive or creative move.

The style of meditation we practice plus the energy work we do sets you up for expanded view that will keep you in the positive flow of your life. Different psychologist, counselors, ministers, teachers, parents and anyone else who helps people agree on one thing.  We all have a tendency to see the disadvantages we have and ignore that other’s have their disadvantages too. It’s as if others are going through life with a tailwind pushing them forward effortlessly, while we are struggling against a strong headwind which makes us ask, “Why is my life so hard?”

An unfortunate by-product of this is negative emotions such as resentment and envy. While these feelings are understandable, they are also not useful in supporting us in the enjoyment of our own desires and interests.One friend of mine takes care of 2 paraplegic young men. The one who is the least disabled is depressed doesn’t do much, and always ruminates about his misfortune. The one who is most disabled has mastered several technologies that enable him to run a business that employs others.
So how can we achieve and enjoy more despite whatever setbacks and challenges we have?

Realizing this tendency to see other’s advantages and our disadvantages and consciously turning it around. If someone has achieved something you want to achieve, be grateful! They showed you it is possible. And if it’s possible for them, it is possible for you – at least 99% of the time.
The attached podcast recommends that you ask yourself, “What are the ways that I am lucky? Where in my life do I have support?”
The most important part of doing this is that it gets you out of resentful inaction and into exploring possibilities, which is the first step to more adventure and achievement.
Please take a moment to review the variety of classes and workshops that are designed to help you move in a positive direction helping you realize that you are lucky and are moving with the tide not against it.

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My goal in this life time is to help others find freedom from the chains of confusion.  To lead with a light to help you find your gifts and to express them in your life for a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

David Stevens
David Stevens
Founder of Yoga of the Mind
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