Three Tips for Finding Balance at Work with Mindfulness


Three Tips for Finding Balance at Work with Mindfulness
By David Stevens

Researchers at theUniversityofWashingtonrecently conducted a study that revealed “mindfulness” can help us ease the stress at work. The participants who went through meditation training “not only had lower stress levels during multitasking tests, but they were able to concentrate longer without being distracted.”

This research points to how your state of mind affects your work. Here are a few exercises to help you get your mind on the task at hand and get more done:

  1.  Check your breath. Not the smell, but how shallow or deep it is. Taking a moment to just focus on your breathing can do wonders for your stress level.
  2. Think about why you like your job. When you’re super stressed, you’re thinking about the pile of things to do. Try refocusing with thoughts about why you like your work and why you chose it.
  3. Think about the person on the other end of that email. You’ll spend a lot less time pondering your frustrations if you think about the people on the other side of that email or your complaint.

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