Tarot Card Reading about Biden’s Presidency


This tarot card reading about Biden’s Presidency has been done by Rochelle with Yoga of the Mind
November 28, 2020
Tarot card reading about Biden’s Presidency
  • First 60 days after Biden’s inauguration
    The card drawn is the 2 of Pentacles
    This card tells us that during the first 60 days there will be optimistic energy while we juggle many things. To enjoy this energy stay open to new possibilities, be flexible.
  • The coming year 2021
    The card drawn is the Death card
    This card is about transformation which involves the “death” of one state to make room for a new state. This card lets us know that next year will be filled with a feeling the past is behind. We will look forward and transition into a new phase.  This new phase comes in with bursts of new insight that allows the birth of new ideas.
  • The second-year: 2022
    The card drawn is the 10 of Swords
    It seems that this will be the year of political infighting that really brings us down and depressed.  We will collectively feel like “What else can go wrong?”
  • The third-year: 2023
    The card drawn is the 4 of Swords
    After all the political fighting leading up to a mid-term election will bring us to a place where we will all want to slow down to gain perspective.  We will all be thinking about how we want to be going forward. Because 2024 will be all about making well thought out unemotional choices.

The fourth-year: 2024
The card drawn is the Queen of Swords
We will be gathering the facts, and devising a plan forward.

First, let us look at the overarching influence of the Swords in this reading.  Receiving three Sword suit cards I believe the Biden administration will focus on facts, to be unemotional in their choices.  This focus on facts and fairness will rule our lives as well.  Based on how the Biden campaign spoke during the campaign, I would say the tarot cards really nailed what we are already hearing and seeing from the Biden administration.

Will Biden be re-elected for a second term?
At the moment the answer is yes. But the cards say he may not finish the second term.

I do not think of this tarot card reading about Biden’s presidency as predicting the future.   The way I look at it the reading was based on today and the direction that the energies are currently flowing.  But we are all making choices that influence the future.  I typically check back every 3-6 months and review the above cards and see what other questions to read as reality unfolds.

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