Stop Worrying About Others; Your Mind Will Thank You


Do you ever just feel exhausted by the worry of work and others?

For your health and own good, it’s time to free your mind of the grief and stress. Here are four tips for deleting the worry:

 Meditate for better communication and mental clarity. Meditation can you quiet your mind during worry trigger moments and help you determine if a worry is real or just mind chatter.

  1. Establish clear boundaries between yourself and others. Grow a backbone against gossip sessions, interruptions, criticisms, over-commitment and pity parties to reduce stress.
  2. Enjoy your family and friends even in tough times. When your mind is clear, you aren’t as likely to blow up at others or communicate ineffectively. If you’ve ever practiced Pilates, you know the secret is keeping the core strong. Treat your mind the same in tough situations.
  3. Don’t take your work worries home with you. Establishing boundaries between your work and home life is important to deleting the worry. Simple strategies include not checking work email at home, closing the door to your home office at the end of the day and scheduling time to catch up.

Taking these steps can help you train your mind away from a default stress response, which leads to better handling of situations and emotions. The next Yoga of the Mind Grounding & Centering class is Sunday July 22nd & 29.  You will find more details under classes and under the registration and more info link.