Psychic Readings see posibilities beyond Heaven and Hell


Psychic Readings balanceThe Heaven and Hell discussed here are not the ultimate afterlife destinations that most people think of. The Heaven and Hell I’m talking about are the extreme ways we frame our lives. There is deeply ingrained habit of viewing our experiences in terms of “the thrill of ultimate victory or the agony of forever defeat.” One especially limiting view is to see all of life as a game where there is one winner and everyone else is a worthless loser. I invite you to look for this pattern in yourself – you will find you create Heaven and Hell far more often and in many insidious ways.

Moving beyond this paradigm is necessary to open up and manifest new possibilities in our lives. As we do so, we can focus more on each step of the journey. We can see the many different paths to go down and the many different ways to view each path. More and more we can create our own path in each moment.

Getting psychic readings (many years ago) is what accelerated my own psychic ability  I  woke up and became active in my life as a result of these readings. I was having difficulty in the world of work. I was looking for the perfect job (Heaven) and often experiencing the opposite (Hell). As a result of these sessions, I began to notice more and more what was possible for me. Finally, I became neutral and creative enough to become completely self–employed 14 amazing years and counting. For me, this is the best job.

The psychic readings I do focus on finding the underlying driving energy behind you question or situation. Even a short reading can give great insight and direction. One creative idea or new insight can greatly and positively change your life. They help you dance with the flow of life instead of merely wishing positive (heaven) while fearing negative (hell).