Nine Tips for Better Meditation


Nine Tips for Better Meditation
by David Stevens

Taking the best from over 40 years meditation and adding my inspirations has resulted in Yoga of the Mind.  Here are some tips I’ve learned through teaching hundreds of people. Anyone can apply these to whatever meditation they do to make it more enjoyable and effective.

  1. Proceed with effortless effort. Notice how your thoughts come to you easily. Meditate with this  same ease. Through      effortlessness you draw on the most expanded, powerful part of yourself.
  2. Flow of breath a little deeper than normal. When the breath suspends the attention wanders.
  3. Consider grounding.  Imagine a column of light going from the base of your spine, down through  to the center of the earth. This helps you release energy you no longer need.
  4. Regularity – just like exercise, ten minutes a day is better than an hour once a week.
  5. Routine – more consistent meditators  tie it to some part of their daily routine. Consider doing it when you arise or just after work.
  6. Meditate for the positive results in daily life. Your experience during meditation will vary. Wonderful experiences don’t mean you did it better than if you experience was mundane.
  7. Meditation always feels  deeper in a group. Consider attending some group meditations to have this inspiring experience.
  8. Physical Benefits – more research has been done on showing the health benefits of meditation than  on anything except regular exercise: normalized blood pressure, decreased  stress hormones, more resiliency in the brain are just a few.
  9. Help create a more peaceful world. It may seem far fetched, but studies shown reduced conflict in areas of conflict when group meditation is applied there. Each of us meditating daily makes our world be a better place.