Mindfulness: I don’t mind what happens


I don’t mind what happens

Mindfulness by David Stevens

Much has been written about going beyond the ego to mindfulness. While this is a worthwhile goal, looking at it in terms of ego has always been a stumbling block. I feel like I end up using my ego to try to transcend my ego and that doesn’t get me anywhere.  I just feel stuck in analyzing and judgment! In the end feeling bad about myself.
In the Yoga of the Mind Meditation and in our Aura/Energy Healings, we stretch, strengthen and balance the SOUL not the ego.   The result is a state of mindfulness and flow for both. Since it is hard for our mind to understand and act on defeating the ego.   This idea becomes a self-defeating proposition.  We focus the healing or meditation on simply releasing what does not serve us and having more of what is ideal.  This is a neutral way of shifting.  The ego cannot get involved.  There is nothing to judge or analyze.  We believe simplicity works the best.

Let me share this story about a highly enlightened man being asked what the secret was to his advanced neutrality and happiness. He said, “I don’t mind what happens.” This simple statement holds the key to exploring greater inner freedom through mindfulness and neutrality.

When we are working from our ego there is judgment and analysis. We are attempting to impose a fixed idea we have on to the external world. We especially notice this when the imposing isn’t going well, or we are not getting what we want.
If we can positively bring in more of the mindfulness of neutrality, we will find ourselves becoming more peaceful and free. Neutrality is “not minding what happens.” This can be a great walking around meditation – noticing what happens and releasing the “minding” or resistance. Through this process we can realize the wisdom of the words of Byron Katie “Loving what is”. She has a great observation, “I can argue with reality, but I only lose 100% of the time.”

So how can you explore greater neutrality? One way is to pick a situation that you are not neutral about.  Then learn to be grounded and centered through a short meditation. We can begin to witness the part of ourselves that is neutral – even while regarding an undesired external result. The neutrality brings peace and perspective.
It is important to note that we are not recommending fatalistic resignation and giving up on trying to change or improve things. In fact, the increased neutrality often opens more creativity and renewed energy which offers you more options.  Often these options are better than what your ego thought it wanted.

“Once you find some neutrality, the fun begins. Detached from reactions, you can tap into your creativity and imagination. You can choose to enjoy life.”  by Michael J Tamura.

However, the primary benefit to increased neutrality is more inner peace and self-acceptance, as we realize the wisdom of the serenity prayer, “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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