How to be Positive by healing with flow


How to be positive with flowHow to be positive by healing with flow

How to be positive, happy and successful on any level of life are a matter of having your energy flowing in a balanced way. Blocks are a lack of flow. On a physical level, this is like chronic tension. Voluntary muscles become involuntary, they can now spasm painfully and unconsciously. This same pattern can manifest on a mental or emotional level. We become fixed in our thinking and reactionary in our emotions.

At Yoga of the Mind, everything we teach is a way to resolve this lack of flow and instead how to be positive: Be Grounding and Centering, our Intuition & Healing Program, a One-Year Intuitive Training Program, and Advanced Healing and Teaching.

Recently, I’ve discovered a powerful and simple new way for us to heal ourselves. I am developing a series of classes around it – but will share some of it with you here.

Many systems of alternative thought talk about something they call the consensus reality, the default world. It is maintained by a cluster of agreements and programs that we can call stable data. It is one big “should”. Although it is shifting, the predominant world view is built on fear, especially fear of change. When we think negatively, we vote for this world view. We reinforce it so much that at times it seems like the only reality – rather than just one possible point of view.

The obvious solution is to practice thinking more in terms of positivity,   possibility, and our higher potential. It is to find things to say yes to. Encouraging flow is how to be positive.

So, get a blank piece of paper and a pen, pause a minute, close your eyes and take six rather slow, deep breaths. Then open your eyes and count as many positive things you can think of for three minutes. Make a tally for each clear, distinct, positive awareness. Say each thing out loud, if possible. I just did this, and I counted 60 positive thoughts. Simple things like: I feel good, I like my computer, I appreciate my home office, I love that I can teach something I believe in etc.  After doing this, I feel very good – expanded – relaxed – positive – yet focused.

Right after this, I had to discipline one of my dogs – basically give him a time-out because he was growling at my other, older dog. Before, this would have upset me for a little while – but now, after having encouraged the flow for three minutes, I found I could be stern with him and still feel a positive flow afterwards.

So rather than having another “should” – that you should always be positive – just practice being positive in this way daily. If you do it for 21 days, you will permanently rewire your brain and consciousness toward greater happiness. Even if you’ve meditated and done readings and healings for years, I think you’ll like the increase in positive energy in your life.