Happiness is not a destination it is the journey! 


This morning while watering our purple petunias on the upper porch deck, I thought that if I didn’t have the chore of watering them, I would not be noticing their vibrant color and being in awe of their hardiness under the hot summer sun. Much of enjoying life is simply deciding to be present with what is around us. Studies show that most of us are at least 50% distracted most of the time.

There is also some fear that focusing on the present moment will leave us directionless and unable to pursue goals. This is not true at all. It allows us to find joy in each step and each breath, as we go through our journey. There is a wealth of experience in enjoying the journey. You can have goals or intentions.  The idea is to enjoy the journey.

My goal with every workshop, energy clearing and private session I do is to support your happiness journey.

It is well documented that even short but regular meditation helps lower stress and expand all possibilities in our lives.   That depression, workaholism and endless tasks to achieve happiness someday all have one major flaw.   You are not relaxed and open to the intuitive inspirations that will lead you on the satisfying adventures that get you onto the road of happiness.

At Yoga of the Mind, we incorporate meditation with energy work to enhance the powerful benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

If you think you are ready to jump onto the happiness trail, you can get started with either one of these upcoming workshops.

Be Grounded and Centered
Two workshop dates every month.  $39

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  • You will experience our active meditation techniques.
  • Clear your energy fields of others l people intrusive negative energy.
  • Maintain your clear field of energy.

How will this training deliver improvements in your life?   You will feel less stressed and more relaxed in all areas of your life.   You will start the process of connecting with your inner voice.

Intuitive Manifesting
Workshop dates every month  $99
(the $99 includes a follow-up private phone session with David Stevens) 

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In this workshop we cover:

  • Clarifying your actual heart-centered goals.
  • Increase your gratitude for what you do have.
  • Remove your limiting beliefs to improve your ability to act on intuitive inspirations!