Energy Agreements Check-up


Energy Agreements Check-up

You have energy agreements in every interaction in your life.   A good way to find more neutrality in your everyday life is to be aware of those energy agreements.  The inspiration  in this weeks email is to share with you a simple but effective way to become more aware of your good vs. bad energy agreements.

Why is it that we have instant, effortless communication and great rapport with some people and quite the opposite with others, despite all our attempts to “work” on that relationship?

The answer is something we call energy agreements.

A very good energy agreement is like a best friendship – lots of give and take – feeling validated – appreciating the other person for who they are – amazing synergy.

A bad energy agreement is like a bad boss – they don’t like anything we do – they don’t understand us – and when we are around them we get the distinct impression that there is something wrong with us.

Learning to intuit at this level of life allows us to spend more time in good energy agreements and less time trying to fix bad ones. When spend more time and energy  with those we have positive energy flow with (good energy agreement), life can be much more thrilling and fulfilling.

At Yoga of the Mind, we teach many techniques for deeply perceiving these agreements. Below is one that will get you started.   If you would like to download a PDF of the steps below
Click Here for version with photo and Click Here for just the text.

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Energy Agreements

Our Community Events that you might find uplifting and helpful.

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Be Grounded and Centered You will learn to ground your body.  This workshop will quiet your mind, transcend interpersonal drama, release old emotional baggage of yours and others.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition:   Why not develop your best asset to navigate your choice rich world.

Coloring Meditation:  Is an active meditation with others to have fun, explore creativity and reduce stress.

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