Releasing Power Meditation 3


This third session is all about releasing non-useful emotional energy from your body. Other peoples emotional energy as well as our own often gets in the way of us feeling calm and balanced.   This third session is going to focus on how you can release these energies whenever you need or want to.

Our meditation practices are design with your busy life style in mind.   We hope you have enjoyed the three Free session we have sent you.   If you would like to have all three of these techniques reviewed in one session you can purchase and download the  20 minute instructional version and then a 10 minute guided meditation for daily use for only $3.99. These are Yoga of the Mind’s Foundation Meditation.  Click on the Purchase Now button any time.

Congratulations!  We believe the power of meditation can  be achieved in as little as 10 minutes per day.

This complete practice with two meditations  is only $3.99 for both.  Both are lead by David Stevens.  You will fall into a deep meditation guided by his strong steady voice and energy intentions.

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