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Sat. Sept. 22, 10-12:30 PM | Seeing ordinary urban plants in a whole new light: Finding food and medicine in the city.
Thur. Oct. 11, 7-9 PM | Drinking Tea for a Reason: Using everyday herbs and plants to make your own personal teas.
Sat. Nov 10, 10-12:30 PM | Making salve out of common plants. Demystifying healing balms and salves making them in your kitchen.
Sun. Dec. 2, 10-12:30 PM | We will make popular herbal Holiday gifts for giving and entertaining during the holiday season.
Our entrance is on the N. side of the building between The Hornet Restuarant and Senior Burritos.

Parking: Street Meters are only 2 hours and the workshop is 2.5 so you will need to put more in the meters. You can park in the lot behind Walgreens in the spots that have a Kaybank sign.

Rochelle 303-564-9884