MP3-Download-Complete Foundation Meditation


Welcome to the Yoga of the Mind Intuitive Development Instructional Audio area of our web site.

These MP3’s gives detailed instructions to set up your YOM Foundation Meditation.

Included in this 7 part series David Stevens has  add  three new sections of instruction to better inform you about  the concepts that you will learn and practicing in all three meditation segments.  This series will give you complete instruction of our fundamental Intuitive Meditation plus a 10 minute daily practice session that is lightly guided. There is also a  20 minute guided meditation for the days when you have a little more time to set your energy for the day.

The 7 tracks included in this download:

01 YOM – Introduction
02 YOM-  25 minute instructional Foundation Meditation.
03 YOM-  Instruction from David Stevens.
04 YOM – 10 minute lightly guided daily practice meditation.
05 YOM – Instruction to release non useful energies from your energy body.
06 YOM – 20 minute instructional meditation with extended releasing.
07 YOM – Final thoughts with David Stevens.

How can this meditation help you in your everyday life.

Ground your physical and energy body.  This allows you to create what you want more easily.

You will quite your mind without the challenges of clearing the mind of all thoughts.  We give your mind activities to do during the meditation that calm and clear your mind and energy body.  This way you can more closely hear and follow your intuition.

Clear the energies and resistance you have to change in your life by releasing unwanted emotional energies from your physical and energy body.

Refill your physical and energy body with the vibrations you want in your body. Setting a strong resilient aura to travel with you through your life.  Allowing you to be energetically clear of other peoples sticky emotions and judgments.

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