7-minute Heart Chakra Cleansing Meditation


This Free Heart Chakra Cleansing Meditation by David Stevens, the Founder of Yoga of the Mind.
Are you feeling stressed or want to feel more grounded in your day? This short meditation can shift your energy in just 7 mins.

David starts with rapid breathing in and out thru your nose, with the final breath being held for a few seconds. Here is how it helps you: It produces nitric oxide: Breathing through your nose, also called nasal breathing, releases nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide helps widen your blood vessels and makes it easier for nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to reach all your body’s organs and tissues.

Then you will be Humming. Here is how it helps you to find your calm place. Research has shown humming to be much more than a self-soothing sound: it affects us on a physical level, reducing stress, inducing calmness, and enhancing sleep as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure and producing powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin, the “love” hormone.

David offers a live, Free extended version of the Chakra Cleansing Meditation via Zoom every Tuesday from 6-6:30 PM. Register Here