Control Some Good Some Bad


Today, my wife Rochelle launched our new website. We are now able to add content and keep it up to date. In other words we are in control. It feels really good and very freeing. A primary goal of Yoga of the Mind is to learn to control your space, your vibration, your being and to free yourself from the control of others. This is a big part of all our work from our Free Energy Healings to our Grounding and Centering Class to our Eight Week Intuitive Development program. It is in linewith a concept used in sobriety groups – “to learn to control the things I can, accept the things I can’t, and have the wisdom to know the difference.” We could call it Good Control.

So what is Bad Control? For me, it is when I am trying to control others or when I am overy influenced by their efforts to control me. It feels restrictive and it doesn’t really accomplish it’s goal. It’s like me trying to steer someone elses car while I am walking down the sidewalk.¬†Through meditation, intuitive reading and energy healing, we can become more aware of this Bad Control and can release it. Then we can use our energy to for creation and Good Control.