Community and Synergy


A client recently asked about my view of the much talked about changes of 2012. From what I observe on a psychic and physical level, I agree that we are in a time of accelerating change and growth. I’m not holding my breath for the heavens to open up but I am increasingly encouraged by the positive change I see (as well as appalled by some of the negative).

The one theme I see when I look at the energy we are moving into is that we are moving into a greater sense of cooperation and working together than ever before. For example, a few months ago I got a virus on my computer. It was an obnoxious one that pop-up an add for it’s solution every minute or so. I used Google to look up the virus on another computer and was led to a YouTube video that led me step by step to it’s eradication.

Another example I see is a trend in Pro Basketball. For years the NBA has been marketing and promoting Stars who are the saviors of their teams and receive favorable calls from the referees along with cheers from their crowds.  It is said you cannot have a championship team without a Star. Yet several of the teams in the playoffs have no particular stars and have done much better than anticipated. Teams such as the Denver Nuggets, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Indiana Pacers, all making the playoffs and all with no starts to speak of.

Working together requires that we grow as people to the point where we are secure and neutral enough in our own space, to work with others. This secure, grounded neutrality allows us to draw on the strengths of others, without being unduly influenced by their shortcomings.

By each of us becoming more secure, neutral and grounded we are doing are part to make the most of this age of accelerated change.