5 tips for creating your goals in 2015


5 Tips for Creating creating your goals in 2015.

What is inspiring to you?  How about more creativity, self-expression and overall calm?

  1. Do you have a dream goal?
  2. If you are having a hard time see a dream goal become reality for you it is often because the dream or aspects of the dream are not your passion.
  3. Are you sure it is your goal? Spend a few days paying close attention to your thoughts around this dream goal. Confirm that it is not a dream that is there due to social beliefs, your parents, your education. Make sure it is 100% yours.  There are no strings attached.  It must feel like pure joy to you.
  4. Audit with honestly what action are you taking to have the space in your life to have the dream happen? If you draw up a blank here.  Make a short list with multiple steps from the easiest, smallest steps to the bigger steps.  Identify and validate where you are at in the process. Where you are is perfect. Now you are present with where you are.
  5. Meditation- Even if you can sit quietly for 10 minutes one time per day you will begin to get the creative ideas that are the new “hows” leading to playing within your own dreams.

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