10 Ways Bad Feng Shui May Be Screwing Up Your Life (and How to Fix It)


If you could change a few things around in your house and attract more love, money, health, and happiness – why on earth wouldn’t you? The practice of doing this is feng shui. Some of the easiest ways to improve the feng shui of your home is to get rid of items that are inherently negative energy. Below are 10 things that are causing bad feng shui. Change them and the energy of your home will immediately improve. 

#1 Reminders of Bad Times, Icky People and Things that Feel Negative

You might not even realize it anymore but anytime you look at, or are aware of, something in your home that is a reminder of bad times – it hurts your personal energy and the overall feeling you have in your home. To the extent possible, get rid of all reminders of bad times and anything that feels negative (albeit a gift from a negative person, a photo of a negative image or a reminder of a less than ideal time) – and get ready for your home to feel instantly better! 

#2 Dead Plants

In feng shui, dead plants are dead energy – put them in the compost pile (or trash if you must), but get them out of your house. 

#3 Closed Windows and Blinds

Natural light is very important in feng shui as it lets in new air (and energy). Open your blinds on a daily basis and when the weather allows, your windows as well. 

#4 A Bedroom that is Not Cozy 

The purpose of the bedroom in feng shui is to support passion and restful sleep. To ensure this happens have the overall color scheme be soothing for sleep with a few pops of color that are symbolic of romance (pinks, reds, purples). Position your bed against a wall (not under a window) in a place where you can see the door. Remove distractions such as electronics, TVs, pictures of friends or family members, work, bills or storage under the bed. Sleep with doors and drawers closed. 

#5 An Unwelcoming Front Door 

Your front door, the door the architect of the home would consider the main door to your home, is one of the most important areas of your home (in addition to the kitchen and the bedroom). The front door, in feng shui, is the primary area that influences both your career and the overall energy entering and within your home. 

To make sure you are not unintentionally screwing up your career and overall home energy ensure you have: a very welcoming, new and clean welcome mat, round-leafed plants, a fountain, a welcoming feeling statue (this means no gargoyles or lions) and/or a wreath. Similarly, don’t store anything behind your front door, make sure it functions well and avoid having clutter, storage of items that are rarely used, old mail, messes, and clutter around your door.

#6 Fake Plants or Flowers

The energy of fake plants is fake life, and fake life is fake energy, and well, no thanks.

#7 A Meh, Generally Gross or Overpacked Kitchen 

The kitchen in feng shui is the energetic center of health, and as such it is critical it is in the best possible shape. To help encourage this, keep your stove and oven immaculate, keep the counters clear of everything but what you use on a daily basis. Also, have a bowl of fruit on the table and make sure the lighting is good. Avoid having visible knives, leaky faucets, chipped dishes, broken or unused appliances, pots or pans and, of course, clutter.

#8 Dark Corners, Burnt Out Lightbulbs

Think of dark areas as dark and heavy energy. You want the energy of your home and your life to feel light (visually and energetically). Add lights, natural and artificial, to these areas. 

#9 Clutter, Dirt, Dust, Messes

Energy flows through our homes in a very specific way. Unpleasant and unnecessary objects block this natural energy flow. When energy is not able to flow freely things in your life get blocked, stuck and stagnant.  Clutter, dirt, dust, and messes are some of the biggest, if not THE biggest, blockers of good energy flow – get rid of them.

#10 Anything that is Broken, No Longer Working or Torn 

Broken or damaged belongings reflect – you guessed it – broken and damaged energy. You want all of the energy in your home, and around you, to feel whole and healthy. To the extent possible, recycle, donate or toss your “damaged goods”.