Yin/Yang Meditation
October opportuties to expand your awareness
Helping you develop your intuition to enhance your everyday life is what every workshop and event is about at Yoga of the Mind.
Please enjoy the free Yin/Yang Meditation.
We have a three NEW class Offerings in October scroll down for all the details:
  • 4 hour one day learn to read Tarot workshop.
  • 6 hour Manifesting thru Intuition in your everyday life workshop.
  • 3 sessions (alternative to 9 weeks) to Dive Deep into Intuition & Energy Healing.
Free Yin/Yang Meditation

Yin within Yang

Each equinox is a period of transition. These periods
are a ripe time to explore balance of all the contrasting
energies that exist in us. In this meditation we will explore
a dynamic balance between the expansive and inspiring energies of Yang  and the rejuvenation and calming energies of Yin. Enjoy this exploration of dynamic balance!
Free Yin/Yang Meditation


Manifesting thru Intuition in Your Everyday Life
 6 hour workshop 
Goal creation from your heart.
Learn a powerful clearing meditation. New techniques that will give you the tools to hear and follow your intuition more in your daily life.
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Dive Deep into 
Intuition & Energy Healing
3 session workshop
Your healing & intuition will take a quantum leap forward.
Learn to tap into your intuition and your own spiritual wisdom.  Get in the flow of your life.  Heal and ground your body into the present moment.
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Learn to read 

Tarot Cards like Pro

4 hour workshop


Learn to Read the Tarot Cards with the reading mat I invented.  It makes reading the Tarot Cards very easy. You can give yourself and friends readings with confidence after you complete this class.
Be Grounded & Centered
 2.5 hour class
 This is a great place to start with YOM.  You will thoroughly learn our basic meditation. Ground your-self and clear your space of other peoples energies.
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Trust Your Intuition 


Includes a review of the 


4 simple actions that greatly develop how we can develop our intuition with a short meditation and group intuitive exercise.  
Enlivened Living Wisdom Conference at
Mile High Church

Join us – 2 day conference
Be inspired and empowered by leading authors and experts who have valuable life strategies and real time solutions.



Free Aura/Energy Clearings

Clear and rejuvenate yourself with a Free 15 min. Aura/Chakra energy healing. Remove stagnate and useless energy from your Aura and body. You will feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins are welcome.

Every Tuesday 5:30-6:45 pm
Every 2nd Sunday from Noon-1 pm

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