Welcome to our Yoga of the Mind update landing page.   We have contacted you today because we noticed that you had not opened any of the emails that we have sent you since your visit.

We know this could be because we have an incorrect email or they could be in your spam folder.

Following professional email and texting, best practices are important to us.  The text message today is to ask if you would like to update us with the best email address to reach you by replying to rochellef@yogaofthemind.com (please include your first and last name in the email)  or you can also reply from the text with the word “stop.”   For your convenience, I have listed below some of our ongoing events for your review.   Please do call or email us if you have any questions or comments.   David Stevens- 303-668-2358.

Our Community Events that you might find uplifting and helpful.

Intuitive Development for Manifesting in your everyday life learn how to use your intuition to discover what your true goals are. Clear what blocks you from receiving what you want.

Be Grounded and Centered You will learn to ground your body. This workshop will quiet your mind, transcend interpersonal drama, release old emotional baggage of yours and others.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition: Why not develop your best asset to navigate your choice rich world.

Coloring Meditation: Is an active meditation with others to have fun, explore creativity and reduce stress.

Taste of Tarot:  This intro class will teach you tarot basics such as the significance of cards known as the major and minor arcane and how to ask questions to get the best results (yes, it matters!). A large amount of class time is allowed for students to do for each other as practice. This class gives you a solid introduction to the cards and a great jumping off point for a more in-depth study if you wish.

FREE-Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing every Tuesday from 5:30-6:45 pm and Every Second Sunday from Noon-1 pm.