Drop-In Meditation Open to All Levels

At Yoga of the Mind, we think meditation should be fun. We practice a form we refer to as an active meditation. This means that we never ask you to clear your mind of all thoughts. In fact, we give your busy mind something relaxing to do. Our style of meditation is effortless, natural and requires no particular belief.

You will be seated comfortably in a chair, or you can be seated on the floor. Relaxing music plays softly in the background, and a teacher will gently lead you through the session to gain all the benefits of meditation during two or three short sessions with short breaks between them.

  • Rejuvenate your energy.
  • Refocus.
  • Expand your creativity.
  • Release stress.


Contact Phone: 303-668-2358

Drop-In or Reserve Your Spot for the Date that Works Best for You

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