Explore the Tarot Suit and Court Cards   

Do you struggle to remember the suits and court cards as part of your Tarot readings?
Do you struggle to know what the suits represent?
This course will deepen and expand your knowledge.
Enhance Your Tarot Reading with more practice readings during each class!

This class is suitable for all levels of tarot experience.
We will cover:

  • The story of the suits and personalities of the court cards
  • The energy of each suit
  • How to easily remember and connect what each suit is about
  • How to relate the suit  and court card to the question being asked
  • Court Cards simplified.
  • This master class will include many exercises and practice reading time during each of the four 2 hour classes.

This four-session course will take your tarot card reading and confidence to a much deeper level

Cost: $99     Register Below

This class is suitable for all levels of tarot practitioners.  No pre-requisite.
My Tarot Card Reading Mat is not required for this class.  If you have previously purchased one be sure to bring it.  It is also recommended that you bring your own Tarot Card Deck.