This course is designed to be proceeded by the 2 hour workshop Connect with your Intuition. Register Here

This 4 week intensive course will take us deeper into the idea that we all have perfect intuition.  The truth is we have simply stopped listening to it because we have lost the connection.  During this course we will drill down on the beliefs and ideas that have separated us from this most basic human navigation tool.

During each session we will access and clear your intuition with targeted short meditations and energy tools.  We will practice using our intuition every week.  You will open you up to your intuition faster.  I have designed this class to help you kick start your intuitive awareness.

Week-1: Identifying what your natural gifts are that you were born with.  Begin the practice of validating these natural gifts.

Week-2: You will choose a positive story from your life that established a belief that you apply in your life regularly.  Exploration of the influence of this story.   Explore if you want to make any changes to the belief.

Week-3: You will choose a negative store from your life that established a belief that you apply in your life regularly. Again we will explore the influence of this story and if you would like to change something about it.

Week-4: This final night will be reviewing how to say yes or no to opportunities based on our gifts.  What to do when feeling lots of worry, doubt or fear.  A review of the techniques you have learned to open up to your intuition and living a life where you pulled by what you are interested in and utilizes your gifts.

Cost $120