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Guided Meditation

This group provides an opportunity to explore guided meditation using the Yoga of the Mind methods with David Stevens. We hear it all the time, “I can’t meditate but would like to.” We promise you will love and enjoy this opportunity to follow along with David Stevens during this guided meditation.

This is a 30 min. guided meditation session that flies by so fast, you will not believe it!  You will feel great afterward!

If you are one of those people who say they can’t make their mind go blank or concentrate perfectly – please come and try the Yoga of the Mind approach. Our guided meditation techniques include gentle breathing and following some simple visualizations with the goal of broadening the awareness – rather than focusing the mind. This process includes all the benefits of deep relaxation techniques – without “trying to make your mind go blank.”

Forget all the stuffy ideas you have about guided meditation and register for our next Tuesday session.  Each month David takes you on a different guided meditation.  Often the meditation will include releasing energies that are no longer serving you and bringing in energy that is positive. In addition to feeling great, you will leave with useful knowledge of meditation techniques that you can incorporate into your life. These include meditations that you can do in a minute or less – thus making use of the scraps of time that we all seem to have. That way you can incorporate meditation into your life, without having to carve out long periods of time which is difficult for many of us to do.
This guided meditation is for all levels of experience.
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PS- Come early and experience our FREE weekly Energy Healing Session on the same night,
from 5:30-7pm.