Feng Shui

Attract Love, Money and a Better Job – with Ease

Feng Shui the Super (Super) Easy Way



  • You feel stuck with love, money, and/or your job?
  • You are working on the Law of Attraction and manifestation and would love to add any extra support you can to make those things happen?
  • You walk into your house and it feels like a little or a lot of ‘meh’?
  • You have tried Feng Shui before and found it both intriguing and confusing? 



  • Learn how to, in just a few seconds, find the areas in your home that will help you attract love, more money, and a better career
  • See how to make very small changes in the Love, Money, and Career areas of your home to effortlessly attract the love, money, and career you want
  • Learn how with Feng Shui you can use your front door and your bedroom to further attract love, money, and a better career 



  • A house was Feng Shui’d for money and within two weeks one of the residents received an unexpected bonus (for the first time) from a company he had worked at for years
  • A house was Feng Shui’d for love in seven months later she met “the one”
  • An office was Feng Shui’d for a better job and that night the person ran into an old boss who offered a new job (and a 25% raise)
  • A house was Feng Shui’d for more clients for an entrepreneur and within a week she received more work
  • A house was Feng Shui’d for a better job and more money and within a week she received additional freelance work that she found very exciting
  • A house was Feng Shui’d for more money and within a few weeks they received a tax refund they had no idea was coming 
  • I personally went on vacation met, someone I believed to be the “one”, came home thinking I would never hear from him again, Feng Shui’d my house with him in mind – didn’t hear much from him for 10 months and got married eight months later. We have now been married for eight years.  


COST $39

We are offering all our courses online going forward. Find the date you are interested in and register per normal. Then 24 hours before the class date we will send out a teleclass registration. 

Online via Zoom
You will receive a Zoom link with your purchase. 


If you would like to email (linda@happyhousefengshui.com) photos/videos of your home there may be time for personalized tips and advice during class. If you do send pictures/videos, bring them off the top 1 – 3 rooms you use the most. Take the photos/video from standing in the doorway of the room. Make sure you clearly capture the area immediately around the door and all the walls/corners of the room.

Also, bring photos of your bedroom and the main entrance to your home (if they were not included in the top 1 – 3 rooms in your house).

Lastly, it would be helpful for you to have a copy of the book, Lazy Luck. It is not necessary but it would be helpful. You can buy it on Amazon or Happy House Feng Shui.


How will this class be different than other Feng Shui classes? 

In my experience, the way Feng Shui is traditionally taught makes people both excited and completely confused.  I have found a way to remove the confusion with Feng Shui the Super Easy Way – in just two steps. It is truly so easy and so quick to learn 10-year olds can do it within minutes. (Yes, I have tested it.)

How long will it take me to learn so I can do Feng Shui on my own? 

You will know how to do Feng Shui confidently when you leave the class. But perhaps more accurately, you will understand how to do it within a few minutes after we first walk through it together.

How long after I make some Feng Shui changes to my house does it take to attract more money? 

In my experience, I have seen positive financial changes start to occur anywhere from less than 48 hours to a few weeks. 

How long does it take to attract a better job with Feng Shui?

The fastest I have seen this happen is in less than a day. 

How long does it take to attract love with Feng Shui?

In my experience, I have seen this take six to 10 months, but the love when found – is the really good, soul mate, last a lifetime – kind of love. 

What is Feng Shui? 

Put simply – it is the practice of adding, removing, and/or changing things in your home to modify its energy – to change the energy around you – to change your life. 

Will making changes to improve the Feng Shui of my home cost money? 

In my experience, almost all changes can be done by adding, removing, and changing the home with items that are already in it. Of course, if you want to add something new, this can cost money. But that is more of a personal decision than it is a requirement for success.

Is Feng Shui a religion? 

Not at all. It is a philosophy based on 1000s of years of experience on how to arrange your home for it to feel its best and for you to do and have the best.

What if I have questions after the class? 

You can text or email me (linda@happyhousefengshui.com) for free. I also do in-home consultations. I want you to be successful and would love to do what I can to make that happen.

Will I learn anything else in this feng shui class besides how to locate the important areas in my home and what to do within them?

You will also learn:

  •  Some handy Feng Shui tips and tricks
  • The ‘why’ behind what you add, remove or change in different areas of your home
  • How you can use your bedroom and front door to help further attract love, money, and a better career
  • In the other areas of your life feng shui can help improve 
  • A bit of background on Feng Shui.


Is this Western or Eastern-based Feng Shui?

This is Western Feng Shui which is explained in a whole new, super easy todo, way. 

Is your method of doing Feng Shui really that easy? 

Yes, it is. I have tested 10-year-olds with it. They understand it and can do it immediately. 

I have more questions before I sign up? 

Shoot me an email – linda@happyhousefengshui.com. I am happy and excited to help! 

Do you teach private classes?

Yes, contact me (linda@happyhousefengshui.com) and we can set something up.


I started doing Feng Shui over 12 years ago. I started doing it perhaps in the manner that you might be thinking about doing it now – because it was something I had heard of and it sounded interesting. I took a class on it and it piqued my interest. I came home and started applying it to my house and was overwhelmed by the results. (I was also overwhelmed by how complicated it seemed at times.) My enthusiasm helped me power through, and I started helping friends who were in bad spots with money, their love life, their jobs, their family, their health, and more. With time, I figured out how to both explain Feng Shui and get all of its great results – much more simply – in just two steps.