Sunday, Nov. 12th | Tune up your Energy Body!

Make this is a special day for you to be immersed in healing vibes to clear and reset your energy. Each session below is complete within its self, or we hope you will sign up for the day and save yourself a few bucks.

ChakraCommunity Meditation: Our style of meditation is effortless, natural and requires no particular belief.  10:45-11:45 am  $10 
More Info & RegistrationCommunity Meditation

Chakra Balancing & Energy Clearings: Remove stagnant and useless energy from your Aura and Chakras. You will feel relaxed, light and positive.  Noon-1 pm  If you are able a $5 donations is appreciated.
Video DemoFree Chakra Energy Clearing

Learn Secrets to Trust Your Intuition:
If you would like to gain the knowledge on how you can develop and open up to your intuitive voice with more precision, this group class is for you.
1:15-3 pm $ 20
RegistrationTrust Your Intuition

Combo Registration:
If you would like to pre-register and pay now for the  Meditation and Learn Secrets to Trust Your Intuition: class now, you receive both for $15   instead of $30.
RegistrationAll Day Discount