Better Work | Better Life is the perfect starting point for this process.   Why?

The best way to change careers or jobs is to explore your options while you still have a paycheck.

Because this workshop is with human resource professional and CO-Active certified coach  Cecilia Deal who has a unique way of exploring your interests, gifts and soft skills. Cecilia has a gift of her own.  It is helping you convert this pie in the sky wish list into your perfect dream career. The workshop focuses on the vision then you can talk about implementation during your 30 min. followup private phone consultation after the workshop.

We offer this workshop to our Yoga of the Mind community because we know many of you are not happy with your current work situation and want a change.   This workshop is a hands on experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Looking to upgrade, instead of just settling?
  • Looking to find work you love instead of just a job?
  • Know what you love, just not sure how to land the work?
  • Feeling discouraged with your job search prospects?
  • Want to know how to find the opportunity you want?
  • Wish you knew how to identify “The Right One”?
  • How t find prospects that may have been previously hidden
  • Determine which of your current skills and talents to highlight



Cecilia Deal is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Recruiter by day and Career Coach by night she uses her superpowers to help others find and secure work they love. She is not your typical job seeker and has had tremendous success helping others find work they love at organizations that believe in them.Cecilia has changed careers many times always increasing her salary. Her intention working with you is to make finding work easier, simpler, and a whole lot less complicated.

Contact Phone: 303-668-2358 or