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Reading tarot cards is a fun and fascinating hobby, and it’s much easier to do than you might expect. Explore the tarot using a special reading mat designed by the instructor. No more memorizing the Tarot card meanings.  With this mat you will be giving fun and insightful readings before the end of class.

This intro class will teach you some tarot basics such as the significance of cards known as the major and minor arcane and how to ask questions to get the best results (yes, it matters!).  Time is set aside in class for you to practice readings. If you decide you love the reading mat you can purchase it and take home for additional $25. This class is great for beginners as a solid introduction to the cards and a great jumping off point for more in-depth study if you wish.
Learn Tarot Card meanings





Registration is $20

Register HereSat. Oct. 14th | 10:30-12:30 pmRegister HereFri. Nov. 10 | 7-9 pm

Rochelle Fisher has studied the tarot for many years and the reading mat is a distillation of her studies. She created it to help new students of the tarot learn and find success and enjoyment in reading from the get-go. Bring your own tarot cards if you’d prefer to use your own deck.  Or you can purchase a deck the night of class for additional $20.

If at the end of this class you would like to purchase a reading mat to take home they are $25.00 ea. or you can dive deeper with my complete Tarot Class that is $99 and includes the reading mat you can visit the registration page here